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Where to Park...

St. Paul has four main parking lots to accommodate our worshipers and others visiting our campus. If you cannot find parking in one of these areas, please see one of our parking attendants for directions.

  • Parking for seniors and persons with disabilities is located at the corner of Allen and 18th Streets.

  • The staff parking lot is available for worshipers on Sundays. It is located at the corner of Allen and 17th Streets.

  • Two additional parking lots are located on the left and right side of 17th Street between Allen and Pegram Streets.

  • Parking on the right sides of the street is available during worship. Persons parking on the street may do so at their own risk and in emergency situations, drivers may be asked to move their vehicle.



There are three entrances to the Main Worship Center

  • The front entrance is located Allen Street
  • A second entry is located on the side near the corner of 18th and Allen Streets which leads to the front of the Main Sanctuary.
  • A third entry door is located on 18th street from the rear of the Main Sanctuary


Church Nursery

The church nursery is available during worship for infants to 5 years of age to accommodate parents with small children.


Seating Capacity 

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 The seating capacity for our Main Sanctuary is twenty-five hundred (2500) and our Youth Sanctuary seating capacity is approximately fifteen-hundred (1500).


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